Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Investigating the Effect of Dolomite Exploitation on Groundwater Condition of Ikpeshi, Akoko Edo, Edo State, Nigeria

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    The various usefulness of dolomite and its abundance in Ikpeshi has given rise to massive expoitation of it in the community and its environs. The groundwater condition of Ikpeshi Dolomite deposit Edo State was investigated using electrical resistivity method. Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) using schlumberger array was adopted to investigate the subsurface structure and the hydrological conditions of the area. The VES data interpretation revealed that there would be intrusion of water at a depth of 42m due to the presence of cracks and the dolomite deposit is a fresh basement which was believed to have an infinite depth to the crust. There is a sharp variation in the static water level in the Ikpeshi community. This phenomenon may be attributed to the presence of fracture basement which may be induced by heavy vibration as a result of blasting activities in the quarry. The ground water flow direction is towards NW at the Ikpeshi village and towards N at the Ago village which coincidentally serves as a control station. The overall flow direction as observed from the geoelectric sections indicates that water is flowing away from Ikpeshi towards Ago village.