Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Sodium and Calcium Salts Impact on Soil Permeability

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    The study investigated the effect of two inorganic salts namely sodium chloride NaCl and calcium sulphate CaSO4 on subsoils permeability. Two subsoils designated as A and B were taken from two borrow pits in Ibadan south-western Nigeria. The subsoils were contaminated with four concentrations of each salt 10, 30, 50 and 70 g/dm. The subsoils coefficients of permeability were monitored for about 364 days. The results revealed that NaCl led to increase in soil permeability while CaSO4 brought about reduction in soil coefficient of permeability. The reduction in soil permeability by CaSO4 was due to strong bond formed when Ca2+ is attracted to soil adsorbed layers while Na+ formed weak bond if attracted to adsorbed layer.