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Pythagorean Relation In Triangles and Fermatís Last Theorem

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    This paper derives n-th Pythagorean relation from the edges of right triangle and the result be applied to other triangles as well as with the properties of binomial equations to discover the truly marvelous proof of Fermatís Last Theorem which the famous quotation French mathematician Pierre de Fermat quoted on the margin of his favorite book Diophantusí Arithmatica but the proof he never expressed. When the value of power n is equal to 2 FLT turns to Pythagorean Theorem, so the proof should be there [1]. If we can make a n-th power relation among the edges of right triangle, then by applying this to any triangle we will find our desire first step. For, non-triangle integers [Appendix 7.1] general form of binomial equation is sufficient.


    Mathematics Subject Classification: 11D41, 11L03, 11B65.

    Keywords: Fermatís Last Theorem, Trigonometry, Binomial Equations.