Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

An Empirical Study of Internet Insurance in Taiwan Adopting the Theoretical Framework of UTAUT2

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    Insurance company managers must focus on improving the quality of internet insurance services in the near future. Since young people are early adopters of internet insurance, insurance companies in Taiwan must introduce value-added services to young people regarding internet insurance and provide more convenient services to older customers. This study investigated the factors that influence the intention of using internet insurance in Taiwan, adopting the theoretical framework of UTAUT2. The study determined which factors influence the intention to use internet insurance to allow insurance companies to develop more marketing strategies. The results of the study revealed that Performance Expectancy, Effort Expectancy, Facilitating Conditions, Perceived Risk, and Price Value significantly influenced consumers' intention to use insurance online services. Facilitating Conditions were also found to be a mediating variable with enhanced effectiveness between Behavioral Intention and Use Behavior. The intention to use had a significant effect on the Use Behavior of insurance network services.

    JEL classification numbers: G22, M15, Q55.

    Keywords: UTAUT2, Intention to use, Internet insurance services.