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Determinants of Bank Management Confidence Level in Indonesia moderated by Bank Scale

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    This study examines the determinants of management confidence level of listed bank on the Indonesian Stock Exchange. The confidence level referred to confidence in deciding the deposit interest rate given to customers. The lower the interest rate compared to the other, the bank's management is more confident. This means that with lower deposit interest, management remains confident that customers remain loyal. This research used Model Panel Data to estimate determinants Banks Management Confidence Level in Indonesia moderated by Bank Scale. Banking ratio and macroeconomic data for period 2017 and 2021 become variable research in this paper. This research found that CAR and NPL has positive and significant effect on IETDR at level of Significant of 5%. Inflation and COVID have negative and significant effect on IETDR. Bank Scale or Bank Book as moderating variable could strength to IETDR for CAR and NPL.


    JEL classification numbers: C33, G21, L25, M21, N25, O16, P34.

    Keywords: Confidence, CAR, NPL, ROA, covid, Inflation, Interest Rate, Customer Satisfaction.