Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

Value Analysis and Value Engineering on the Sustainability of Global Sourcing Competitiveness

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  • Abstract

    In this research, the sustainability and global sourcing competitiveness of international cruise ships is studied. The sustainability and competitiveness is just like two sides of a coin. On one hand, reducing the pollution and raw material waste is not only to protect our precious nature resources, but also to bring the cost down. On the other hand, a good global sourcing decision could deliver the cost saving and also keep the cruise ship industry towards the sustainable way. Therefore, in order to reach the goals of sustainability and competitiveness, the cruise ships may apply the current common practice of value analysis and value engineering to identify the possible global sourcing opportunity. This short exploratory paper outlines some of the characteristics of value analysis and value engineering, as illustrated by sustainability of global sourcing competitiveness. Eventually, the discussion of this paper provides some implications for international cruise ship companies.

    JEL classification numbers: F16, F60, Q23.

    Keywords: Value Analysis, Value Engineering, Sustainability, Global Sourcing.