Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

Analyze Cyber-Channel Conflict While Adopting Bancassurance: A Frequency Perspective

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    Insurers have adopted multiple channels of distribution to sell insurance products during the past decade. Although multiple channel distribution strategies provide tremendous benefits to insurers, but there are many causes which lead to multi-channel conflict. The question of how to identify the factors that cause distribution channel conflicts has received scant attention in the literature and has not been appropriately investigated in prior studies. This study employed methods of Delphi study, GRA, and C.A. to identify the factors that cause distribution channel conflicts in the insurance industry and to assess the frequency of factors that cause insurance distribution channel conflict. According to result of this study the most important three causes leading to multi-channel conflict are “differences in perception of reality used in joint decision making”, “using coercive powers”, and “incompatibility of goals”. Thus, administrators of banks or insurance companies will redesign their organization disciplines or management policies accordingly which can improve the performance of multiple channel strategy.