Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Water Resources Projects in Iraq: Barrages

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    Barrages are the early water resources structures that were built in the modern history in Iraq. The main function of the barrages to rise the water levels to feed the main canals of irrigation projects. Further, some barrages are functioning as a diversion structures during floods. The first built barrage and still in operation is Kut Barrage which opened in 1939, while the last one is Amarah Barrage that were opened in 2004. Some of the barrages are in good conditions, some are suffering from technical issues, and others especially at the lower reaches of Tigris and Euphrates Rivers getting insufficient maintenance. Generally, the upstream approaches need dredging of the sediments and small islands, and there is a need also for bathymetric survey of the rivers sections near barrages.  

    Keywords: Dibis Dam, Diyala Barrage, Samrra Barrage, Kut Barrage, Amarah Barrage, Ramadi Barrage, Fallujah Barrage, Hindiyah Barrage, Kufa Barrage.