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Graphic translation algorithm research and the realization of man-machine interaction in the semi-logarithmic coordinate system

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    The research of design and implementation of graphics translation function has a practical value for the software development. Especially in the development of well test interpretation software, formation parameters need to be calculated by parallelly moving the chart curve in the log-log coordinate system. Therefore, in the log-log coordinate system, the research of design and implementation of graphics translation function becomes a necessary part for the development of such similar software. In this paper, the author has systematically expounded the graphics coordinate transformation formula under three different kind of coordinates: ordinary rectangular, log-log and semilog coordinate system, has showed the design ideas and relevant algorithms of the graphics translation function, and has given the implementation process of user interaction, relevant flowcharts and key codes, subsequently has taken the well test interpretation software as an example, which is developed under the VS2010 environment, and has carried out a detailed test through the way mentioned above. And the test results show that the software, designed and implemented by the ideas, runs correctly and reliably.