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Bayesian Network Analysis for the Questionnaire Investigation on Touristsí Behavior in the View Point of Service Marketing

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  • Abstract 

    Tourists from abroad are increasing rapidly in Japan. Kawazu town in Izu Peninsula is famous for its cherry trees. In the cherry blossom season, many tourists visit this town. The Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival was carried out in February 2015. Our research investigation was performed during that period. In this paper, a questionnaire investigation is executed in order to clarify touristsí behavior, and to seek the possibility of developing regional collaboration among local government, tourism related industry and visitors. In this research, we construct the model utilizing Bayesian Network and causal relationship is sequentially chained by the characteristics of travelers, an objective to visit Izu Peninsula in Japan and the main occasion to visit them. We analyzed them by sensitivity analysis before but some difficulty had arisen that there arises too much response when the item has small sample size. In this paper, small sample size items are deleted and sensitivity analysis is conducted after that. The problem was resolved by this operation. This analysis is well utilized in designing the strategy of service marketing for this. To confirm the findings by utilizing the new consecutive visiting records would be the future works to be investigated.

    Keywords: Tourism, Izu Peninsula, Kawazu Cherry Tree, Bayesian Network, Sensitivity analysis, service marketing.