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Analysis of the Preference Shift of Customer Brand Selection among Multiple Genres of Jewelry/Accessory and Its Matrix Structure

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    It is often observed that consumers select upper class brand when they buy next time. Suppose that former buying data and current buying data are gathered. Also suppose that upper brand is located upper in the variable array. Then transition matrix becomes upper triangular matrix under the supposition that former buying variables are set input and current buying variables are set output. Takeyasu et al. (2007) analyzed the brand selection and its matrix structure before. In that paper, products of one genre are analyzed. In this paper, brand selection among multiple genre of Jewelry/Accessory purchasing case and its matrix structure are analyzed. For example, there is a case that customer selects bracelet or earrings besides selecting upper brand of necklace she already has. There may be also the case that customer selects lower brand to seek suitable price when she already has higher ranked brand. Then the transition matrix contains items in lower triangular part. Utilizing purchase history record of jewelry / accessory on-line shopping (Necklace/Pendant, Pierced earrings, Ring, Bracelet/Bangle) over three years, above matrix structure is investigated and confirmed. Analyzing such structure provides useful applications. Unless planner for products does not notice its brand position whether it is upper or lower than another products, matrix structure makes it possible to identify those by calculating consumers’ activities for brand selection. Thus, this proposed approach enables to make effective marketing plan and/or establishing new brand.