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IoT Actuator Networks Based on Inverse Directed Diffusion

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  • Abstract 

    An IoT system comprises servers or a cloud at the center,30000 possibly surrounded by edge cloudlets and fog computing devices, a group of sensors on one side, and a group of actuators on the other side if the purpose of the system is not only data analysis but also automated control. Actuators are connected to the central servers or a cloud via an actuator network. Due to progress in smart robotics and related technologies, actuator networks are now getting large, wide, and complex, and should be decentralized and self-organizing as well as sensor networks are. However, as far as we know, there have been no noticeable researches on actuator networks yet. In this paper, we propose a new routing protocol for actuator networks based on an inverse of Directed Diffusion, which is one of the most well-known protocols for sensor networks. Our protocol aims at realizing efficient dissemination and delivery of signals, commands, and data for control, and exhibits good results in simulation-based experiments regarding network traffic reduction. 

    Keywords: Internet of Things, Actuator networks, Directed Diffusion.