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Cryptool 2 in Teaching Cryptography

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    Considering the value it had in the past, has continued to the present and will continue to have, perhaps to an even greater extent in the future concealing information during transmission or transport, leads automatically to attempt to discover the importance and the value of the means, methods and techniques used to implement the concealment. Cryptography is a branch of computer science attracts the attention with its great utility that has nowadays. Given therefore deemed necessary to standardize, analyze and present the encryption algorithms to learning and training on the operation with as efficiently and easily as possible. Having in mind that the theory must be accompanied by practice and examples that help to consolidate the syllabi material, we felt that the analytical presentation of an educational tool on learning algorithms of cryptography is a way of learning while embedding. The learning tool cryptool 2 is an implementation of all the above, and through this we will try to show, those essential functions, which help the user with visual and practical way, to see in detail all the properties and functional details of the algorithms contained, will present representative examples of functioning algorithms, we proceed to create digital signatures and will implement the cryptanalysis algorithms. The above is an object of study and teaching in the professional area of land, in the field of communications and transmissions-service systems. Knowing, however, that historically since the antiquity, first we Greeks, we use encryption in a simple form, for military purposes, but later down through the years and fighting wars around the world, the art encryption and decryption evolved and became object of all armies and weapons. This created great interest, mobilizing science and development of complex thinking that eventually evolved into an autonomous discipline.