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Defense Porftolio Analysis

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  • Abstract

    This is a Portfolio Management Analysis assessment, the focus of which is to identify and assess current Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Portfolio Analysis (PA) software products and solutionsówith attention to market positioning, market share, product features, and other features. Two products (Risk Simulator and Palisades @Risk) were used to develop Portfolio Models ([1]). These models were populated with relevant data, and then run through an appropriate number of simulation iterations to assess candidate projects with respect to risk and Expected Military Value (EMV). This document discusses Portfolio Management Analysis (PMA) during various stages of project management and system engineering. The goal for Portfolio Management Analysis is realized after the entire project design infrastructure is implemented from agency heads to managers, and the end users instruments are provided for implementation. The results of this analysis will be synthesized, documented and recommended to Defense military organizations, and agency heads for consideration. The intent is to identify approaches and tools to incorporate PMA net-centric strategies to meet war fighter and business operations requirements, while continuing to maintain current levels of service, ensuring conservation of manpower and meeting infrastructure resource requirements.