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Factors Associated with Methadone Maintenance Treatment among Injecting Drug Users

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    Background: Needle sharing and sexual contacts Taiwanese Department of Health (DOH) among injecting drug users (IDUs) have become laden with HIV and HIV related health problems, representing a serious public health threat all over the world. For reduce the sharing of needle, Taiwanese public health prompted methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) to reduce needle sharing and curb the transmission of HIV. Methods: The aim of this study was to examine factors associated with methadone maintenance treatment among IDUs in Taiwan. The research data were collect at New Taipei City Hospital on June 2012. There were 171 methadone treatment patientsí feedback be obtain in this study. Results: The main attitude of using methadone included was drug treatment. The main subjective norms of using methadone include were the friends who not using drug and family member. The main perceived behavioral controls of using methadone was methadone service center too far from home and methadone cannot be take home. Conclusion: For improve the IDUsí intention of using methadone, the public health unit should improve the subjective norm of using methadone with IDUsí friendship and family. Social support was really an important factor in the success of MMT program.