International Journal of Health Research and Innovation

The Role of Exercises in Reversing Cardiovascular Risks

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    Cardiovascular disease seems to be the number one killer in the developed world, and is slowly becoming a major concern for mortalities even in the developing world. The high risk factors for (CVD) include sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity, ill habits, tobacco usage, high fat and high-energy diet, etc. In the past, there is some amount of evidence that CVD can be managed and even reversed through exercises. This was able to be proved through various studies that were conducted in subjects who performed exercises. Aerobic exercises helped to improve cardiovascular fitness gradually. These exercises should be performed for 20 minutes to one hour for five times weekly; and, should ensure that the intensity of the exercises is not very high. Exercises such as Tai chi and Yoga also seem to be very effective in the regression of CVD. However, along with exercises other additional treatment ensures such as diet control, weight reduction, lifestyle changes, giving up smoking, etc, would help to ensure greater number of benefits to the patient.