International Journal of Health Research and Innovation

Assessment of the Quality of Healthcare Services for Patients with Sensory and Physical Disabilities

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  • Abstract

    I assessed the quality of healthcare service for patients with sensory and physical disabilities in Inland Empire, California. Quantitative analysis of the existing data with sample size of 36 online studies and 45 hospital patient records were used in the study. The results of the study showed that the highest proportion of healthcare staff have negative attitude towards patients with sensory and physical disabilities.I also observed that a significant high proportion of the members of the healthcare staff believed that patients with disabilities do not adhere to instructions (51%, p=0.03) and are hard to be communicated with (65% p =0.03). Also, I observed that there is a deficit in the facilities, staff and funds directed towards hiring staff and purchase of facilities for the patients with sensory and physical disabilities. I concluded that more resources should be channeled towards the acquisition of necessary facilities and hiring and training of the staff so as to enhance the quality of healthcare service delivered to patient with disabilities.

    Keywords: Physical disabilities; Sensory disabilities; Quality healthcare service; Negative attitude.