International Journal of Health Research and Innovation

Embracing Agile Health Analytics: A Use Case for Stroke Registry

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    Electronic health records and health information exchange fuel exponential data growth in healthcare organizations. However, more data doesn’t necessarily lead to more information unless you have an efficient tool to translate massive data into actionable insights in real time andcost-effective manner. Traditional IT-driven business intelligence and data warehouse often struggle in delivering benefits on schedule, within budget and are inefficient and not flexible in response to change of business. Lack of timely and efficient BI remains a key barrier to improvement of value in healthcare. This paper introduces agile health analytics and its value as an emerging differentiator to deliver user-driven analytics for improving operational efficiency, clinical quality and financial effectiveness. We also present a use case of applying agile analytics for a stroke registry project. Initial results are promising and indicate the agile concept can be successfully applied in solution development and project management through collaborative efforts. The stroke registry and analytics reporting tool are delivered timely and cost-effectively by leveraging flexible and scalable collaborative information management platform. Thorough user evaluation with subject matter experts will be conducted in future steps. Additional advanced analytics including predictive modeling and integration with data governance will be evaluated in further development.