International Journal of Health Research and Innovation

Stakeholders, factors and outcomes concerning health policy formation debate

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  • Abstract 

    This article examines the notions and patterns of power employed in the case of health policy reformation in the United States of America in 1990s. For the needs of this paper, a brief analysis of the American healthcare system background during this period will be provided, since this is an eventful period concerning health care in the U.S. Additional times prior to this decade will be analyzed whenever needed for the scope of this paper. Thus, based mainly on Lukes’ power dimensions concerning (i) decisions and (iii) ideas, this paper attempts to report on factors and outcomes concerning healthcare reformation. Especially the third one of the dimensions as provided by Lukes is of critical importance in this study, since in the healthcare sector one needs to examine actors, such as health insurance providers, that play a catalytic role on healthcare policy discourse formation and aim to present the government as a healthcare reform adversary.

    Keywords: power; healthcare reforms; three dimensions power; U.S.; Luke’s power.