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Political Economics and its Role in the System of the Sciences of Education

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    The process of the market economy involves a perspective through which there are emphasized aspects which have to do with the training and development of a specific way of thinking and behaving. This modality of understanding the economic activity is evaluated in general through some rational thinking based on a capacity of analysis, foresight (anticipation) and decision. Moreover, the economic thinking has as an object of analysis the economic activity itself which represents a fundamental component of the human activity. In this context one can assert the idea that the training and the development of the economic science represents a complex and a dynamic process within which the economy in general is related to the quality of the human activity and implicitly to the economic one. That is why in the speciality treaties the economy is regarded as a science meant to help the knowing of the society's economic mobility. At the same time, certain components of the economic science must be taken into consideration as they make in fact the system of the education sciences.