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Effect of Employee Work Stress, Work Satisfaction and Work Values on Organizational Commitment

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    With an increase of 13.4% passengers occurred in 2014, the airline industry face the atmosphere of aviation safety and service satisfaction, often appear so airline personnel work stress emotions, resulting in reduced efficiency and even affecting flight safety. As airline employees carry important transportation mission, therefore aviation staff awareness of the work values. In this study, we explore the effect among airline staff facing job satisfaction, work values and commitment by looking at different departments. Our research findings show that job satisfaction, work values, and organizational commitment in varying job classifications, staffs have a different perception. Employees working achievements and challenges of higher self-satisfied person, or can feel their expertise when the work value of the employees will have stronger organizational commitment. Further to the intrinsic values of employee self-affirmation, promotion and remuneration of extrinsic values, both have a positive impact on organizational commitment. Especially pilots and flight attendants cognitive intrinsic values are more evident, thus higher organizational commitment. Company executives shall pay attention to the work of self-affirmation of the intrinsic values of cognition to the administrative staff.