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Educating potential entrepreneurs under the perspective of Europe 2020 plan

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    Entrepreneurship has been a key element of the Europe 2020 strategic plan for the European integration. Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan is the relevant agenda of the EU Enterprise and Industry directorate. In this article, we firstly present, in brief, the evolution of entrepreneurship as a field of research and its relevant education. The emergence of entrepreneurship education in Europe for the last ten years is connected with the development of the knowledge spillover theory in Economics. The early European perspective about fostering the entrepreneurial mindset is discussed. Then, we summarize key-points for the European entrepreneurship education under the perspectives of Europe 2020 strategic plan. We proceed with the current status of European entrepreneurship education relevant to adopted pedagogies, motives and evaluation. In the last parts of the article we address problems that arise towards effective fostering of entrepreneurial mindsets and we finally propose directions that can be adopted by educational policies in order to enhance the provision of entrepreneurial courses in various learning settings. The present conceptual approach is based on educational theory capable to accommodate the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategic plan and the profound discussion on entrepreneurship education methods and outcomes.