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Evaluating Service Quality: A Study on Banglalion Communication Ltd in Khulna City

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    Banglalion is one of the countrywide largest internet service providers in Bangladesh. Occasionally, there are some rumors, negative words of mouth and mixed reaction about its service is heard discretely. The main objective of thisstudy was to highlight customers’ opinion and present them regarding its service quality in an organized fashion. Hence, the study used questionnaire survey method to collect primary data. It took 5 variables - Tangibility, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, and Empathy for data collection purpose. 150 samples were surveyed through Convenient Sampling technique. 120 questionnaires were found completely filled up thus considered for the study. The working population of the study was the subscribers or customers of Khulna City The result found that service quality of Banglalion was neither very good nor very bad rather it was doable. Itfalls between Better quality and Average quality. It signifies if customers find a better alternative they will switch as the industry is very dynamic.