Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

A Geospatial Intelligence System for Digital Allocation of Feed and Waste Zones in Iron Ore Mining

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  • Abstract 

    This study demonstrates the utility of a geospatial intelligence system for efficiently tracking and managing different types of HEMM which are frequently movable in nature. The framework is capable of systematic identification, handling and scheduling of mine assets for transportation which is amenable to the development of a centrally operable mine management system. The geospatial system digitally maps the corresponding locations of each asset along with their properties and assigns a unique id for them which dynamically monitors and track these movable assets at any given point of time on screen even from a remote location. In addition to the asset management, mapping of the mining space also enables the administration to keep an account of the volume of the ore being mined and transported from time to time. The system uses the power of GIS to catalogue these assets by classifying them at micro level and replaces the existing manual methods of flagging the ore and Waste for identification, feeding and tracking. This also makes it possible to proper gradation of the ore being mined. The system initially may be implemented as a pilot in the mine area named Deposit-5 confined to an area of 540.05 hectares located in the state of Chhattisgarh and upon showing promising results and can be extended for the integrated management of mining operations elsewhere.

    Keywords: geospatial intelligence system, GIS, digital maps, ore mining