Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Laboratory Studies on the Influence of Crude Oil Spillage on Lateritic SoilShear Strength: A Case Study of Niger Delta Area of Nigeria

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    Short term laboratory studies on the influence of crude oil spillage on lateritic soil shear strength were performed for a period of six months. Two samples of lateritic soil were investigated, samples A and B (uncontaminated and contaminated). Soil sample B contains 10% by weight (10kg) of crude oil. Sieve analysis, Atterberg limits, compaction test and shear strength tests were performed for a period of 168 days. The results of the shear strength test for sample A showed that the values of its cohesion ( 𝐤𝐍/𝐦2 ) and angle of internal friction () are 51 and 14 for the 7th day test period respectively. For soil sample B, the value of cohesion ( 𝐤𝐍/𝐦2 ) decreased from 49 for a 7th day test period to 44 in the 168th day test period while the corresponding values of the angle of internal friction () decreased from 11.0 to 7.0. Important geotechnical parameters measured for other tests performed were also affected as a result of the spill. The observed reduction in the shear strength parameters indicates that the vestige of crude oil had appreciable effects on soil shear strength.