Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Study of the Geotechnical Parameters of the Different Soils by Correlation Analysis and Statistical, in the Kenitra Region (Morocco)

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    This study focuses on the geotechnical characterization of soils in the area of study located at the western end of the plain of Sebou. The interest of this work is to identify, quantify and take into account the variability for a better estimate of the geotechnical risk. To this end, a database was created. Firstly, a study of the lithological distribution of soils is performed. Then, a statistical analysis of physical and mechanical parameters is realized in order to look for possible correlations between the main parameters. This simple descriptive analysis is followed by a multidirectional statistical study: a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and an Ascending Hierarchical Classification (AHC). This study showed that the first three principal axes absorb more than 72% of the total variance and the first principal component explains (CP1 or F1) up to 32%. The AHC method allowed to divide all samples into four classes more or less homogeneous with a degree of dissimilarity of 35.7%.