Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Time Domain of Piles Force and Deflection History of Piled Raft System under Axial Repeated Impact Load

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    In order to understand the effect of the number of piles (N), the history response of dynamic pile load in piled raft system and deflection time history of piled raft under repeated impact load applied on the center of piled raft resting on loose sand, laboratory model tests were conducted on small-scale models. The results of experimental work are found to be dynamic load increase with increase height of drop, the measured repeated dynamic load time history on the center of piled raft was close approximately to three a half sine wave shape with small duration in about (0.015 Sec). The maximum peak of impact loads occurs in pile and deflection time history occur after at the time of the peak repeated impact loads, dynamic pile load and deflection of raft edge decrease with increase the number of piles in piles raft system, the optimum reduction in dynamic deflection at the number of piles (N = 9) and the dynamic load carrying by raft is more than (94%) for variation the number of piles from (1-pile to 9-piles) in piled raft system.