Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Towards an Integrated Tool of a Life Cycle Assessment for Construction of Asphalt Pavements in Egypt

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    The complexity of climate change and research on its causes and impacts has resulted in new developments and approaches to decrease the life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions connected with construction and maintenance of roads. Tools and databases have developed by national agencies to facilitate the measurement using life-cycle approaches that account for acquisition and production of raw material, construction, use, maintenance, and end-of-life of roads. There are several tools established or commercialized for the performance of life cycle assessment (LCA) like SimaPro, GaBi, PaLATE, ROAD-RES, UK model, CHANGER, asPECT, Athena Impact Estimator for Highways, PAS 2050, and Umberto each of them special country specific. From abovementioned, Egypt do not have LCA tool to estimate emissions from construction of asphalt pavements, thus the paper highlights on UK model to take advantage from it, moreover to be a guide in creating LCA tool. Therefore, the fundamental objective of this paper is to build up a tool to evaluate the life cycle inventory for construction of asphalt pavements in Egypt. The paper presents the methodology that will be followed for the development of an Egyptian LCA tool for construction of road pavements.