Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Sustainability evaluation of electric taxi fleet in the city of Poznan

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    One of the factors affecting the reduction of the environmental burden from the road transport is the replacement of the conventionally-fuelled vehicles by other types of powertrains, including the electric drives. The paper relates to the possibility of the implementation of the electric taxicabs in the city of Poznan, an agglomeration of 550 thousand inhabitants, located in the western part of Poland. Several variants of fleet electrification have been analysed by authors. The scenarios differed in the number of taxis, a number of shifts and the way of charging. In the paper the results of total fleet electrification, i.e. 1800 taxicabs operating in two-shifts mode and using quick charging stations are presented. For this variant benefits associated with reduction of CO2 and economic impact of using electric vehicles have been estimated. The results have been compared with the emission and costs of conventionally fuelled vehicles.