Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Experiences and Results with different PEMS

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    PEMS portable emissions measuring systems were introduced in the last stage of exhaust gas legislation for HD-vehicles in order to measure and to limit the real driving emissions (RDE). PEMS were also confirmed by EU to be applied for the LD-vehicles in the next legal steps. In the present paper, the results and experiences of testing different PEMS on the chassis dynamometer and on-road are presented. The investigated PEMS were: Horiba OBS ONE, AVL M.O.V.E and OBM Mark IV (TU Wien). The measuring systems were installed on the same vehicle (Seat Leon 1.4 TSI ST) and the results were compared on the chassis dynamometer in the standard test cycles: NEDC, WLTC and CADC. As reference, the results of the stationary laboratory equipment (CVS and Horiba MEXA 7200) were considered. For the real-world testing a road circuit was fixed: approximately 1h driving time with urban/rural and highway sections. Comparisons of results between the PEMS and with stationary reference system show different tendencies, depending on the considered parameter (NOx, CO, CO2) and on the test cycles. Repeated test on the same road circuit produce dispersing emission results depending on the traffic situation, dynamics of driving and ambient conditions.