Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Properties of Soil in Ranya and Arbat Area, Sulaimaniya, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

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    This study deals with the determination of some geotechnical properties of soil in Ranya district and Arbat sub-district area. These two areas are located in Sulaymaniya Governorate, Kurdistan region of Iraq. The soil in nature is changing from one place to another. This is because of the mineral composition of rocks and climate change, so, studying the properties of soil is important for various purposes especially for engineering structures. In this paper, some geotechnical soil were studied, like particle size distribution, specific gravity and Atterberg limits. The study of particle size distribution indicated that the soil comprises mostly of silt and sand with some clay. This means that the soil consists of coarse and fine mixture. The Atterberg limits results are indicating that both areas are characterized by low to medium plasticity index. Specific gravity test results are indicating that the soil in both areas is free from iron and mica minerals. A good matching of the geotechnical soil properties between Ranya and Arbat area is indicated. 


    Keywords: Geotechnical properties, Particle size, Atterberg limits, Specific gravity of soil, Ranya, Arbat.