Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Major Irrigation Systems on Tigris River within Mesopotamia

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    Several irrigation systems have been built at Tigris River basin within Mesopotamia plain. The upper part of Tigris at Mesopotamia is extensively exploited, and several major projects were constructed since the 1970s. These are Ishaqi, Khalis, Diyala Combined Reach, Nahrawan, Dujailya and Dalmaj. Other projects were partially developed, which are Middle-Tigris, Gharraf projects, Great Amarah and KutButaira. The important barrages in this part are Kut Barrage, as well, as the barrages in Amarah area which are of vital importance for irrigation and navigation. Shaat Al-Arab is one of the most important waterways in Iraq. This river has been suffered from water scarcity and riparian countries actions. Solutions for adaptation to adapt the situation were studied and planned carefully, but still there is need for more work to cope with the situation in Basra area.  


    Keywords: Ishaqi Project, Middle-Tigris Project, Gharraf Canal, Dalmaj Project, Diyala River Projects, Dalmaj Project, Dujailya Project, Great Amarah Project.