Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Hydrogeology of the Mesopotamian Plain: A Critical Review

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    The Mesopotamian Plain hydrogeologically is a semi-closed basin where most of the groundwater accumulates in the central and southern parts of the plain. However, small part of the groundwater flows out of the basin to the Gulf. This special character has significant effects on the depth and type of the groundwater in the plain. The depth ranges from (<10 100)m; however, the depth in the most of the plain ranges from (10 20)m. The type of the ground water is mainly salty water with concentrations of (10,000 50,000) mg/l; however, in the central part it is even Brine water (> 500,000 mg/l). No fresh groundwater exists in the plain. 


    Keywords: Groundwater, salinity, depth to groundwater, aquifer.