Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Integrated Approches to Depth to Basement Enhancement of Ijebu Ode, a Location in Sothwestern Nigeria Using Aeromagnetic Data

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    The depth to basement enhancement using a singular method is not sufficient enough to ascertain and determine the true depth to anomalies of aeromagnetic survey work carried out. This work adopted different approaches to locate the depth to magnetic basement of Ijebu Ode. The high resolution aeromagnetic data acquired was subjected to downward continuation filtering, Euler deconvolution at different spectral indices and the radial power spectrum analysis to determine the depth to underground vault. The various values gotten for the depth using these different methods were compared and this shows that there were similarities in the results of the depth estimation using all these approaches. For the downward continuation filtering, the depth to basement was estimated at 500 m, and using spectral analysis technique, it was found out to be in the range of 5m and 410 m and using the Euler deconvolution at various spectral indices the values ranges between 6m and 502 m. The depth to basement was confirmed to be at shallow depth using these different approaches.

    Keywords: Aeromagnetic data, Anomalies, Depth, Enhancement, Filtering.