Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Philip Model Capability to Estimate Infiltration for Solis of Aba, Abia State

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    The capability of Philip’s infiltration model in simulating water infiltration on the soils of Aba, Abia state. Nigeria was evaluated. Field measurements of infiltration were conducted in five different locations using a double ring infiltrometer. Each test lasted for 150 minutes. The lowest cumulative infiltration obtained was 18cm at Eziama while the highest, 31cm occurred at Abayi Umungasi. Philip’s infiltration model was then applied on the field data in order to determine the soils’ infiltration parameters and also to simulate the model equations for the soils. Sorptivity values ‘Sp’ ranged from 0.457 cms-1/2 - 2.734cms-1/2 while transmissivity values (Ap) ranged from 0.076 cm/s to 0.142 cm/s,. Sp and Ap values were substituted into the model equation in order to simulate specific Infiltration equations for each location. Simulated infiltration rate equations obtained include: 0.457t1/2+ 0.102t, 1.322t1/2+ 0.076t, 2.708t1/2 + 0.142t , 0.691t1/2+ 0.135t, 1.708t1/2 + 0.142t . The filed data showed close relationship when they were compared with the simulated data. The result shows that Philip’s model was able to estimate water infiltration depths for Aba soils.