Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Water Resources Projects in Iraq: Irrigation Projects on Tigris

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  • Abstract 

    Along Tigris River reach inside Iraq, many large and small projects of irrigation were built. These projects depend on gravity flow or pumping. Starting from Jazeera project then small projects downstream Fatah, where these feed by pumping. After Samarra scheme, the important Ishaqi project, then after Baghdad, the projects of Nahrawan, Middle-Tigris and Dalmaj. The most important branch from Tigris is Gharraf Canal, which is not exploited yet, although plans were prepared decades ago. Downstream Kut Barrage, several projects are especially on the right side of Tigris. Finally, Shatt Al-Arab project which has a unique importance as it provide the solution for municipal need and save the orchards of dates in Basra.  


    Keywords: Jazeera Project, Ishaqi Project, Middle-Tigris Project, Gharraf, Shatt Al-Basra.