Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Comparing of Aerobic and Anaerobic Composition of Water Spinach Residual from Floating Plantation

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    This study was conducted to find out a new way to treat plant residuals from flotation bed plantation. Compost comparison tests were given to water spinach from floating beds with three different conditions in terms of aerobic condition, anaerobic condition and semi-aerobic condition. After four months of composting, results are as follows: the process of composting in aerobiotic group was the fastest, but moisture content in aerobiotic group was the lowest. The composting weren’t happened in semi-aerobic condition. The concentration of N, P, K in aerobiotic condition were 0.77%, 0.58%, 0.87%, respectively. The concentration of N, P, K were 1.16%, 0.86%, 1.13% in anaerobic condition. While the concentration of N, P, K were 1.11%, 1.33%, 0.64%. Results show that the aerobiotic group has the highest nutrition loss. The suitable oxygen control and time control can result a better effectiveness in composting.