Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

The Subsurface Soil Stratigraphy and Foundation Quality of Soils Underlying Uyo Town, Eastern Niger Delta, Nigeria

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    An investigation was carried out in Uyo town, Akwa Ibom state to determine the Subsurface Stratigraphy and engineering geological Properties of soils for construction purposes. Eleven boreholes were drilled in different locations across Uyo town to a maximum depth of 20m. Cone penetration tests and standard penetration tests were also carried out on the field and soil samples were obtained for moisture content, atterberg limits, particle size distribution, compaction and triaxial tests. The subsurface stratigraphic profile of Uyo consists from top to bottom of silty clays (0-3m), sandy clays (3-15m) and sand (10-20m) respectively. Engineering geological properties of the soils reveal that the low to intermediate plasticity clays are firm and expected to yield relatively high shear strengths. Standard penetration tests and pile bearing capacity analysis indicate that the sands are suitable foundation materials for construction. The design of a pile foundation using end bearing steel piles terminated within the sand substratum is recommended   for the construction of civil engineering structures.


    Keywords: Engineering properties, Subsurface Stratigraphy, Foundation, Pile Bearing Capacity.