Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Comparative Study of Three Digestion Methods for Airborne PM10-bound Metallic Elements in an Urban Site

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    A comparative study of three different aerosol extraction processing techniques was carried out on ten quartz fiber PM10 sampling filters and a standard material (P1633b Fly Ash). Simultaneous sampling of PM10 was conducted at an urban background site in the town of Constantine. Three different mixtures of reagents were chosen in order to achieve the extraction procedure: mix 1 (HF / HClO4 / HNO3), mix 2 (HCl / HNO3), mix 3 (HCl / H2O2 / HNO3). A standard material (P1633b) was used to quantify and compare the extraction efficiencies of the three techniques. The solutions obtained after dust mineralization were analyzed by two analytical techniques. Pb, Cu, Co and Ni were analyzed by ICP-MS, while Zn and Mn were determined by ICP-AES. The first digestion technique proved to be the most efficient for all samples. The differences in extraction efficiencies between the three techniques varied from one sample to another according to the element analyzed.

    Keywords: PM10, partial extraction, metallic elements, digestion methods