Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Illiterate Effects and Management of Tuberculosis in the Lower Benue through ofWest African Sub-Region

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    Tuberculosis is an airborne disease and the most common cause of death. People believed person charms other people with tuberculosis. However, whether tuberculosis originated in bovines, or diverged from a common ancestor, is currently clear that tuberculosis is curable. In this study a descriptive survey research design involving the collection of tuberculosis response data from Community, Health Staff, tuberculosis Supervisor, and Community Stakeholders on tuberculosis treatment in the Council were adopted. The survey seeks to evaluate the factors associated with compliance, treatment and awareness of risk factors of tuberculosis in Oyi LGA of Anambra State, Part of the population would be studied and finding is generalised. Instrument for data collection is questionnaire and the result obtained were analysed. The study found that the state agency is operational ready for tuberculosis operation in the LGA. Moreover, no logistics at the community level for drug distribution to villagers. Therefore, communities are not prepared for effective tuberculosis treatment and it problems. The agencies are not properly co-ordinate at the village level. These have negative impact on donor agencies. Thus the community should be overhauled and facilities put in place for detection, identification and administration of the drug.