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Descriptive Geometry in the Greek Military and Technical Education during the 19th Century

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    Greece came into contact with Descriptive Geometry (henceforth, DG) relatively early. Monge’s courses were taught for a long time in the Greek Military Academy. During the second half of the 19th century the teaching of Descriptive Geometry blossomed. In some of its applications, and especially in the field of Perspective, there were certain ideological obstacles, which were, however, overcome with the advent of Enlightenment. The teaching of DG was extended at the Greek Technical University (Polytechnic School), at the Greek Naval Academy and the School of Non-commissioned Officers (NCO). The French textbooks, written by Leroy or Olivier, were used as the core material for the Greek handbooks. During the last two decades of the 19th Century, the first books which were published in Greek, were mostly translations of the aforementioned French ones. It is also noteworthy that the vast majority of professors were military officers.

    Keywords: Descriptive Geometry; Monge; Leroy; Olivier; Military Academy; Greece