Advances in Management and Applied Economics

To Develop Modern Services of Liaoning Province of China by Utilizing Foreign Direct Investment

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    To develop modern services is the key to the economic transformation and upgrading of Liaoning province of China, and utilizing foreign direct investment(FDI) in high-end services can improve the development of Liaoning province’s modern services effectively. At present, the scale and proportion of FDI in Liaoning’s modern services is quite small, and they are unevenly distributed in industries and regions. In order to promote the development of modern services, Liaoning province needs to open further to the outside world, rely on its regional central cities, take advantage of Liaoning’s manufacturing industry, give full play to the functions of the free trade zones, and strengthen talents introduction and training, thus to attract more FDI to flow into modern services.

    JEL classification numbers: F14
    Keywords: foreign direct investment (FDI), Liaoning province, modern services